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Lisa Scamehorn

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Annette Hamilton
Benefit Advocate

Dream Vacation:  Okinawa, Japan


Joined the team:  September 2016


She launches new companies into the sea of employee benefits. Annette works with employers that have 2 -9 employees. Making sure that new and growing entrepreneurs can keep their business running and still offer a competitive benefits package. She also assists with any additions, changes and terminations for all clients.


Minnesota Life, Accident & Health License


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Julie Keller
Individual & Medicare Specialist

Secret Passion:  Julie is an artist in her spare time who paints awesome murals

Joined the team:  August 2016


Navigating the ever changing waters and topography of individual health insurance and Medicare Supplement plans keeps Julie busy during the day.  She is patient and understanding and works to ensure you have the correct plan based on your needs, health situation and prescription medications.


Minnesota Life, Accident & Health License

Wisconsin Life, Accident & Health License

Katie Marlow
Benefit Consultant 

Secret Passion: 


Joined the team: August 2021

Consulting with our larger clients to navigate the constantly changing topography of employee benefits is Katie’s strength.  Her organization and attention to detail will help our employers and their teams chart a course to provide meaningful benefit packages.  Her efforts in communicating the complicated language of benefits will set our clients at ease.  Together she will assist employers in attracting, retaining and retiring the best talent.

Minnesota Life, Accident & Health License

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Melinda Woodrow
Benefit Assistant

Dream Vacation:  Travel to Hamar, Norway to see where my Great Grandma grew up before journeying to Ellis Island with her family in the 1920's.

Joined the team:  July 2021

She is the sail that keeps our ship moving in the right direction.  Melinda will develop and execute internal processes to provide the best customer service to our clients.  Her positive caring attitude and thirst for knowledge, will help steady the waters during the constantly changing tides.


Kalia Lor
Benefit Advocate
Kalia Three-2.jpg

Secret Passion:  Upcycle - putting a new twist on gently used items!

Joined the team:  March 2021

The employee benefits industry continues to grow and adapt.  Kalia will assist the team with non-medical benefits. We have found that great employers continue to leverage benefits to attract, retain and retire employees.  She is also eager to learn and assist with employee transitions in and out of the individual market place.  Her energy will help keep our ship moving forward!  


Minnesota Life, Accident & Health License


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Annalise Scamehorn
Benefit Assistant

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Hammocking


Joined the team: June 2019

As a compass leads you consistently to your destination, Annalise keeps the day-to-day office tasks and internal processes on course, so that we can deliver accurate and up to date solutions to our clients. With skills in mathematics and data analytics, she is able to assist us in charting the course for clients based on their claims data.  Her steady confidence and
attention to detail complement our crew.




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